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Life Institute
Self-Education Courses

One of the essential aspects to living an exceptional life is to always be open to learning new things. Learning leads to personal growth and the new understanding that comes with it is how you evolve on a personal level. All of our courses are designed for you to learn practical life tools that you’ll know when and how to use so that you can continue evolving on your path. We call them Self-Education Courses because they teach you how to help yourself.


Relationships Evolved:
Forging Bonds That Last

Ideal For:
Anyone seeking more rewarding relationships with family, friends, partners, and co-workers.

Leave With:
Practical life tools that create better communication and a deeper understanding of what healthy relationships mean to you.

The Goods You’ll Discover

What Type Of Relationship You Want:

Program yourself for success in love with complete honesty, mutual respect, and trust.

Know What You Offer:

By understanding yourself, you’ll more easily know what you bring to relationships.

Build A Solid Foundation:

Program yourself for success in love with complete honesty, mutual respect, and trust.

Set Healthy Boundaries:

Create a mutually beneficial relationship that allows each side some personal freedom.


The Career Guide:
Achieving Success In The Workplace

Ideal For:
Business professionals or those seeking more success in any field.

Leave With:
A clear understanding of yourself, your value, and the direction you are leading your career in.

The Goods You’ll Discover

Know Yourself:

Identify the traits that make you, you and learn how to best utilize them.

Know What You Want:

Set the right goals for yourself and accomplish them for the right reasons.

Communicate Effectively:

Learn how to always be heard by being present, listening, and asking questions.

Show Your Value:

Put your effective communication to the test by knowing and showing your value.

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